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PR - PR:BF2 v1.4.18.0, v1.4.19.0 & v1.4.20.0 Changelog

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    Today's patch brings many quality of life updates to the game. Especially COOP players can be excited that many of the long standing issues have been fixed. This will be one of our last updates to v1.4 before we move on to a bigger release that many developers and contributers are working hard on. We are excited to show you more soon!

    We are always looking for more testers. Want to help us test maps and other content? Sign up as a tester today.

    PR:BF2 v1.4.20.0 Changelog (2017/November/1)

    • Updated FOB spawning to prevent spawning in radio.
    • Fixed issues related to the PRLauncher and Windows XP.
    • Fixed BattleRecorder replay no longer working.

    • Fixed Canadian CH-146 Griffon taking damage when landing normally.
    • Fixed COOP variants of Mi-24 helicopters having no sounds.

    • Xiangshan
      • Fixed floating bushes and invisible collision at map borders.

    PR:BF2 v1.4.19.0 Changelog (2017/October/30)

    • Fixed various server related issues.
    • Fixed a cause for the critical 40:Keyerror.

    • Fixed Merkava tank missing collision on turret.

    • Fixed AK variants with GP-25 grenade launcher showing incorrect aiming in 3P.

    • General
      • Fixed various map layers not allowing to fly out of DOD.

    • Wanda Shan
      • AAS128: Replaced Z-9WA Haitun HJ-8 with Z-10.

    PR:BF2 v1.4.18.0 Changelog (2017/October/29)

    • Added building restriction to emplacements in DOD.
    • Updated commander system by removing any placed markers 10m after he/she resigns.
    • Updated commo-rose with better text and icon placements. Added remove asset icon.
    • Updated all stationary and deployable Weapons to play the reload sounds in 3p.
    • Updated spawn menu to close when switching teams.
    • Fixed kits disappearing sometimes when dropped.
    • Fixed dozens of crashes and other problems on COOP with bots using vehicles.
    • Fixed civilians losing a death when becoming martyr.
    • Fixed HUD blocking BattleRecorder replays.

    • Added new models for HOT missile series.
    • Added 100m sight angle to RPG-26.
    • Updated GLTD to have laser move at speed of light and require constant line of sight to the target.
    • Updated MK 20 and Rh 202 to be controllable by bots.
    • Updated multiple weapons to be better used by bots on COOP.
    • Updated suicide bomb vehicles to allow bots to detonate their weapon. Radius for Cars: 30m, Trucks: 20m.
    • Fixed bots on ZPU-4 shooting infantry from a long distance.
    • Fixed bots firing air weapons quicker than normal.
    • Fixed throwing stone sounds.

    • Updated multiple vehicles to be better used by bots on COOP.
    • Updated flares time to live to match the visual effect.
    • Updated all choppers have 60 flares that fire in pairs of 2 alternating to front and side.
    • Updated missile trial of ATGM and AA missiles to be slightly longer.
    • Updated British Challenger to be slower in reverse.
    • Updated British Warrior to have faster acceleration.
    • Updated BMP-2 to have separate camera for ATGM.
    • Updated BMP-2M ATGM tubes to move less up and down.
    • Fixed missing Land Rover internal sounds.
    • Fixed Russian Mi-24 Light SP Rotors.
    • Fixed crosshair on multiple attack helicopters being the wrong one.
    • Fixed Puma coax overheat being too long.
    • Fixed Semi Bomb Truck's rear bomb being invisible.
    • Fixed Lynx AH.7 banking to the right on high speeds.
    • Fixed Leopard 2A6 tank taking damage while driving.
    • Fixed weak spots on Merkava front armor.

    • General
      • Fixed multiple bush types having bad LODs that could be exploited.
      • Fixed multiple COOP map issues with rallypoints.

    • Al Basrah
      • INS16: Replaced RHIB used by insurgents with fishing boat.

    • Bamyan
      • Now uses old bleed system on AAS32.

    • Bijar Canyons
      • COOP32: Fixed bots not moving at MEC main base.

    • Hill 488
      • Skirmish: Added crates and DODs.

    • Jabal Al Burj
      • AAS32: Fixed FSA vehicle depot.

    • Karbala
      • COOP64: Fixed bots not moving at Insurgent main base.

    • Kashan Desert
      • AAS32: Swapped Kiowa with Hydra rockets for Kiowa with Hellfire missiles.

    • Khamisiyah
      • New asset layouts on AAS and CNC, tweaks to flag layouts on AAS, VW64 updated and VW16 added.

    • Kokan
      • Optimized lightmaps and overgrowth atlas.
      • INS: Now allows helicopters to fly around entire map.
      • INS16: added USMC as Blufor faction.
      • INS64: added ZU-23-2 truck to Taliban.
      • Skirmish rework.
      • COOP rework

    • Nuijamaa
      • AAS: New flag routes, larger French DoD, new asset loadouts. Added separate timer for boats to allow Russian boat to reach river via outside terrain.
      • Skirmish: Updated Skirmish 16, removed Skirmish 32.

    • Pavlovsk Bay
      • Minor lightmap optimizations.
      • AAS: tweaks to assets and spawn times, new flag routes.
      • Updated Skirmish layer.
      • COOP32: Added DOD.

    • Qwai River
      • Lowered viewdistance to 500m.
      • New flag routes and changes to asset layers.

    • Ramiel
      • COOP128: Fixed wrong vehicle depot for ARF team.
      • COOP64: Fixed wrong ACV for US team.
      • COOP32: Replaced ARF support technical with logistics technical.

    • Route 1 E-106 - BETA
      • Added higher quality lightmaps.
      • Added COOP.
      • Fixed Dutch vehicle depot not working.
      • AAS64: Removed NL chinook, NL Boxer and RU BTR-80, replaced RU T-90 with BMP-2 IFV. Lowered NL NH90 spawntimer to 5 min. Added delay to RU BRDM-2.

    • Saaremaa
      • Optimized lightmaps and removed undergrowth rocks from beach.
      • AAS: Removed Northern Cliffs flag, tweaks to flag routes, capture times and bleed rate, tweaks to asset layouts and respawn times.
      • AAS16/CNC16: Now uses ironsight USMC and RU kits, fixed spawn timer issues related to PR Map Gallery.

    • Sahel - BETA
      • INS64: Added one VBCI to FR and removed pickup AA kits from ARF.
      • AAS64: Added rallypoints to FR, slightly extended FR DOD. Increased ARF tickets to 720.
      • Skirmish64: Fixed ARF city rallypoint.

    • Silent Eagle
      • COOP64: Fixed bot jets blowing up on round-start.

    • The Falklands
      • Fixed Vehicle Warfare ticket amount.

    • Ulyanovsk
      • Added COOP support.

    • Vadso City
      • AAS32: Removed CAS and AAV, removed one tank.
      • AAS64: Added CAS.

    • Wanda Shan
      • AAS32: Removed CAS Z-9, replaced with Z-9 transport.
      • AAS64: Replaced Z-9 transport with Z-10, replaced Huey with Tiger.

    • Yamalia
      • COOP32: Fixed missing RU vehicle depot, made RU main base not capturable.

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